What is Row 4 Heart?

The Row 4 Heart is a fun and rewarding, team-based indoor rowing challenge and fundraiser to raise money for cardiac care here at home. The event will also be on OZFM and NTV, providing the public with a phone number to make pledges throughout the day! Each team must consist of up to 10 participants and commit to 60 minutes on the rowing machine. 

Each team must consist of up to 10 participants and commit to 60 minutes on the rowing machine. During this hour, you and your team members will take turns on the rowing machine, all while encouraging your friends and family to support you with a donation over the phone, in person or online! With YOUR help, we can improve care for the 1 in 3 patients impacted by cardiac illness in our province!

What do I have to do?

It is easy to take part in this heart pumping event! Register online and pay a team registration fee of $100. Each team is required to then fundraise a minimum of $1,000 (or $100 per person). So grab your friends, family, co-workers and rowing buddies and start raising money for cardiac care!

Are you a team player?

Row 4 Heart is a team oriented event. Grab up to nine people to join you to make a Team of 10 (or even have two teams compete) and register. Your team can consist of family, friends,coworkers, gym buddies, rowing buddies, neighbours, or anyone you can think of that would like to support an awesome cause. It’s easy, fun and rewarding!

How do I register?

Nominate a team captain to set-up your team and pay the registration fee at HCFrow4heart.com. All they have to do is click the "Form a Team" button and follow the prompts. Once your team is created, your members can register by visiting HCFRow4Heart.com and clicking the "Join an Existing Team" button. 

Having trouble registering? Reach out to our office at shelley.moores@healthcarefoundation.ca and we can help you through the process. 

I’m registered. Now what?

Once you register you can invite friends to join you and get started on your fundraising.  Sharing your personal story and connection to the Health Care Foundation and cardiac care is a very effective way to get friends and family motivated to support your fundraising.

How do I Fundraise?

Your Participant Centre at HCFrow4heart.com is your very own fundraising hub! Within the Participant Centre, people can donate directly to your personal event page and you can send out emails asking for support. You can also share your personal event page link on social media to get more donations. Pledge sheets can also be downloaded from our website!But remember to ask, ask and ask again! Include as many people as possible - family, friends, your family’s friends…everyone! You can tailor your emails and social media posts to grab their attention to really hear what you are trying to say. You can also consider hosting your own individual event as another way to help boost your fundraising! Events could include bake sale, bottle drive, office fundraising challenge, etc. Every little bit helps and is appreciated. Please refrain from holding raffles and 50/50 draws, as these require a lottery license. Also, donations in return for something (a product or experience) are not eligible for a tax receipt. 

What is Corporate Matching?

Many companies offer a Corporate Matching Gifts program - matching donations made by employees to a charity.  This is a great opportunity to boost your team fundraising efforts.  To ensure that we are able to add the donation amount to your fundraising total, please email shelley.moores@healthcarefoundation.ca with the following information:

How Can I Collect Donations?

There are a number ways you can collect donations, including: 

  • Credit Card - Online Only: The easiest, most accurate method of collecting donations is to pay by credit card through our website HCFrow4heart.com. You can ask potential donors to donate online by sending them a link that directs them right to your personal fundraising page on the website.
  • Cash and Cheques - Pledge Forms: An alternative to donations by credit card is to collect cash and cheques. There is a downloadable and printable pledge form available on the HCFrow4heart.com fundraising page to help track these types of donations. Once donations are collected, you can submit them to the Row 4 Heart volunteers along with completed pledge forms (cheques made out to the Health Care Foundation) on event day.

Donations of over $10 are eligible to receive an income tax receipt. While collecting donations, it is very important to make sure you get a first and last name, as well as the full mailing address (including a postal code) of your donor.  If these are not included the donor will not receive an income tax receipt. 

How Can I Accept Donations on Event Day?

People can call in and show their support on event day. The phone number will be shared on OZFM and NTV throughout the day, as well through social media and online leading up to the event. 

Are there any incentives for joining?

Yes. There is a...

  • Top Fundraiser Prize.
  • Most Spirited Team Prize.
  • Each participant will receive a Row 4 Heart exclusive shirt.
  • Opportunity for pledgers to come to the event and announce their support to you on air or TV.
  • The best incentive of all, knowing you have helped save lives and have made a difference in the care of patients in Newfoundland and Labrador living with cardiac illness.

Are You Ready?

Check out our step-by-step checklist to ensure you are ready to participate!

  • Register online (start or join a team)
  • Personalize your online Fundraising Page and set a goal
  • Send out personalized email messages to get support
  • Generate support through social media• Work with your team to enhance your fundraising efforts
  • Thank all of your donors
  • Submit all donations collected on event day (remember to include all information for your donors!)

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions or think of other resources that could help you along the way, please reach out to us at shelley.moores@healthcarefoundation.ca. We always love to hear new ideas and are happy to share what others may be doing to increase their fundraising success.

What should I expect on event day?

There are a few things to remember for event day. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time in order to check in. Remember to bring:• Pledge forms & collected donations• Indoor running shoes• Comfortable clothing• Costumes, signs• Energy and excitement!